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Should you post your great reviews on social media (& is it bragging)?

Many business owners are shy about self-promotion. But you’re not tooting your own horn when you showcase your customer reviews. In fact, if your clients post online reviews about your company, they want the world to know what a great job you do. Your clients are actually making advertising content on your behalf!

Why people post online reviews (good & bad)

In today’s culture, people want to be heard. Everyone is a critic, and everyone wants to have their feelings heard. Online reviews provide an outlet for all of these expressive tendencies.

Happy clients can express their great experiences at your business, while angry customers can vent about their negative experiences at your company.

Either way, the online review may be more about them than you.

An online review may be more about the client than your business.

Some people will leave you a great review to do you a favor (or a negative review to warn other consumers). But many people are focused on themselves. They want their personal experiences to be the center of attention.

Customers want to experience a “viral moment”

The customers who love attention the most hope their review gets lots of attention. They want lots of eyeballs on their words because that makes them feel good. Google even tracks the number of times people’s reviews are viewed and sends this data to them monthly. This motivates people to write more reviews – and more interesting reviews – so they get more attention.

When you share your clients’ reviews on social media, you’re giving them more attention, which is what they want anyway.

Multiply the effects: Get more results from each review

It’s also important to cross-promote your good reviews. For example:

  • If you get a review on Better Business Bureau, screenshot it and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps.
  • If you just leave it on BBB, only people visiting the BBB website will see it.
  • But if you spread it around, everyone will know how great your products and services are.

In conclusion: Is it bragging?

If you talk about how great you are, that’s bragging. But if your customers talk about how great you are, that’s NOT bragging. That’s just honest information about your business from someone who’s experienced it firsthand. When you share that information, you are just spreading the message from one platform to another. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

My marketing company, Henderson Media LLC, has a reputation management service called High 5 Reviews™ that helps great businesses get more reviews and better reviews on dozens of websites. And I say, post those reviews, because “It’s not bragging if it’s true!”

“It’s not bragging if it’s true!”

I’m here to help!

I am a reputation management specialist.

My done-for-you service High 5 Reviews™ helps you get more reviews and better reviews – while avoiding negative reviews!

If you’d like to learn more, simply request a free consultation. We’ll evaluate your situation and come up with a plan to improve your review situation. No high-pressure sales pitch – seriously. Just information you can use to make the best decision for your company.

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